Company - Chemical Wedding

Chemical Wedding is a bunch of Brits (well, one of us is kind of Australian) who live in Los Angeles because it’s much sunnier here. We’re a mix of film professionals, designers and finance types with a wide experience in design, coding and technology.

Because collectively we’ve spent more time on set than is reasonable, we have a passionate belief that things can be made better using technology. So far this has resulted in a number of software titles for the production sector, including Helios, Artemis and Toland. These all lead towards our common goal of simplifying the lives of on-set and production personnel. From the reaction we have received, we seem to be doing something right.

Having completed the first version of Toland, in partnership with the American Society of Cinematographers, we’re now working with a number of additional partners to develop a number of technology platforms in multiple industry sectors with broad, sector-wide, application. At present, the company is actively raising money for our next steps.


Toby Evetts
Toby has worked in advertising and Digital technology for fifteen years. He is currently a co-owner of Chemical Wedding Heuristic Media. Toby is responsible for a wide range of digital work including visual effects, film production, web and software development. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Toby was a director of the award winning digital agency Digit London and ran the digital division of TBWA UK. He has never been to Weston-super-Mare and doesn’t intend to.
Simon Reeves

At present Simon runs Chemical Wedding and, in doing so, focuses on business development and product planning. He is also a partner, with Toby, in Heuristic Media.

Prior to Chemical Wedding Simon working in banking and consulting for 15 years, focusing on telecommunications and technology sectors in Europe and North America. A fact that gets him no end of teasing.

Nic Sadler
In addition to having worked as a cinematographer for two decades, Nic spent much of that time developing technology for the film industry. In addition to his valiant work behind the camera, Nic is lead product designer at Chemical Wedding.