Support - Chemical Wedding
  • Most problems with the iPhone can be solved by restarting it. It's definitely worth giving it a try.
  • If restarting doesn't work, we recommend deleting the application from your device and downloading it again. You will not be charged a second time if you use the same account that was used to purchase it.
  • You can always email us. We try to get back as quiickly as possible.
  • If you find a bug please let us know instead of writing a horrible review. We can often fix it for you. We take your comments very seriously.
  • Honestly.
  • We don't recommend throwing your phone across the room or drowning it in a lukewarm bath. The relief is only momentary.
Artemis should be pretty self explanatory, all in all. As long as you know what camera and lenses that you are likely to have on set, it should give you a pretty good representation of the field of view. If you still have questions feel free to email us. We normally respond quickly as we don't get out much.

My camera is not in Artemis. Will you be including it in future updates?

Probably. If yours is a ⅓" or ½" chip camera, just use the generic camera for that format. Better still, add your camera using the custom camera function and send us the data.

I'm using a 35mm Letus lens adapter. What camera should I use?

Since there is some variability of field of view during set-up of your adapter, the best thing to do is to add your own custom camera. You will end up will a very accurate representation that way. In only takes a few minutes.

I've been using Artemis Remote and I find it crashes.

Try restarting both your iPhone and your iPad. That fixes most problems. The Bluetooth connection can be tricky to establish and maintain. This could be due to interference from other devices. We are working on making the connection more robust.

The camera makes a sound but no picture is found in the photo library.

Yes, this seems to be a bug in the iPhone OS. You just need to restart the phone. Sometimes the camera gets its knickers in a twist and doesn't want to take any more pictures. We only have limited access to the camera so this is something we can't control.

Why does the field of view look slightly different between artemis and the camera?

Our measurements are taken from the nodal point of the lens which changes lens by lens. A 50mm lens' nodal point is usually 50mm in front of the film plane.

Can I make suggestions?

Absolutely we love suggestions. Many of the features we added came from people like you. Obviously if it's a stupid suggestion we may say thanks and never use it.

Why can't I save video from Artemis - that would be cool?

We agree it's just not possible yet with the SDK. Sorry.


Helios Pro has a full help section built within the app. You can access it by clicking on the question mark on the home page of the app or from the menu in any section.

How accurate is Helios?

Very. More accurate than necessary. Make sure you are using the correct time zone and verify your results with another source, just to be sure you have correct settings.

Why do sunrise and sunset times in the newspaper vary from Helios a little?

We define sunrise and sunset as when the sun is 0.8333 degrees below the horizon. Some define sunrise as when the sun is fully clear of the horizon. Different definitions have different times.

Can I print the data from Helios?

Of course. Just email the data from the HelioData view to yourself or the nearest computer connected to a printer.

Can I add custom GPS coordinates?

Sure. You can use addresses, what 3 words, and gps coordinates.

Can I make suggestions?

Absolutely we love suggestions. Many of the features we added came from people like you. Obviously if it's a stupid suggestion we may say thanks and never use it.