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Artemis Prime is a lens-mounted director's viewfinder like no other. Built on the Emmy Award winning Artemis Director's Viewfinder app, Artemis Prime is the only Director’s Finder able to use any lens mount (PL, LPL, PV, SP70), any lens, spherical or anamorphic of any squeeze ratio, and any virtually all camera formats, film and digital.

Designed by a cinematographer, Artemis Prime enhances collaboration on set by offering a visual, comprehensive method to view, plan and refine framing, lighting and color choices. Artemis Prime is an indispensable part of the collaborative process.

The Mark II version is now available for all formats including Full Frame cameras (DXL, LF, Venice and Monstro), with an XL version for use with ARRI Alexa 65. In short, choose from 6,500 camera formats, mount any lens you like and you’ll never have to change focus screen.

Orders for Artemis Prime Mk.II is on a first come, first served basis. Inventory permitting, shipping takes place the first business day after an order is placed.



Artemis Prime allows the cinematographer to truly collaborate with the director and crew, both when shooting and scouting. It truly helps 'sell the shot' to collaborators, especially those folks who find it hard to visualize and really need to see the frame. Artemis Prime is the perfect tool for this. It expedites the whole filmmaking process. With my work on Sons of the Neon Night in China, I let Artemis Prime tell the story I imagine, when my basic Mandarin does not. I can't imagine shooting without it.
Sion Michel ACS
(Cinematographer: Sons of the Neon Night, Heartfall Arises, Shanghai Noir, Like a Dream)
I used Artemis Prime during scouting for Ophelia with a full set of Hawk Anamorphic lenses. This allowed us to be very specific with planning our shot construction and coverage, which meant we could work faster and focus more creative energy on set into other things.
Denson Baker ACS NZCS
Cinematographer: Ophelia, Victoria, The Dark Horse, Ukraine on Fire
How does it work?


Artemis Prime is much like a tradition lens mounted viewfinder built on steroids. Simply pop a PL or PV lens on the front and nominate which format you wish to view and presto. No changing of ground glasses, no need for specific finders for anamorphic lenses: one viewfinder to cover your all your needs on formats around Super 35mm. A large format version of Artemis Prime is in development.

Developed over three years of design, prototyping and rigorous testing, Artemis Prime is constructed out of high grade alloys, exotic composites and high specification optics . The internal “Schrödinger unicorn” element performs functions never before seen in motion picture equipment.

The internal optical components are protected by an outer shell that is easily replaced if damaged.

Key Features
  • Covers all Super 35mm spherical & anamorphic formats
  • Interchangeable lens mount (PL & PV)
  • User configurable frame line markings
  • Exposure and LUT emulations
  • Virtual stand-in actors and props
  • Image store and video recording
  • Broadcast picture to on-set monitors and devices
  • Software based pre-viz tools
Artemis Prime is absolutely no use to me in my line of work.
Miguel Flores